Essentials That Will Inspire Your Children To Learn #6:
Give Your Children Books That Are Easy To Read
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Yes. You did read that right. Give your children books that are easy to read.

This sixth essential is highly counter-intuitive given most parents' desire to see their kids excel. They think they need to challenge their children... to give them books to read that are "difficult" and "challenging."

But while this seems logical on the surface, it's actually highly counterproductive--IF your children haven't yet developed a strong love of learning.

If your children love to learn, they'll put forth the effort to get through difficult and challenging books. But if they don't love to learn, then you're only throwing water on a weak flame.

People (children included) don't like to do things they do poorly because it makes them feel inadequate. On the other hand, people love to do things they do well because it makes them feel capable.

That's why it's so important to give your children books that are just a step or two below their current reading levels. If you've chosen good books, your children will not only enjoy the stories they're reading; they'll also feel good about their reading abilities, which will inspire them to read more.

The idea of giving your children books that are easy to read is similar to how you feed an infant: first you give a baby milk. Only much later, after the infant has grown teeth and developed the ability to chew, do you give a baby meat and potatoes....

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