Boy Was I Mad, by Kathryn Hitte, illus. by Mercer Mayer
A young boy learns that running away from home is not all it's cracked up to be. The illustrations are rich in detail and offer much to look at and talk about with your child. There is an especially impressive close-up illustration of some ants pulling on a big, dead bug!

29 pages

A Hole Is To Dig, by Ruth Krauss, illus. by Maurice Sendak
This is an adorable little book that explores a child's definitions of the things he sees in his everyday life: a hole is to dig; a hand is to wave; dishes are to do; a book is to look at. The text and illustrations are amusing for young and old alike.

46 pages

Find the Constellations, by H. A. Rey, illus. by H. A. Rey
This book is an incredibly useful tool in teaching children and adults about the constellations! I have seen the illustrations in this book used in school textbooks from other publishers. This book, from the creator of Curious George, is a charming addition to a child's book collection.

72 pages

The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle, illus. by Eric Carle
Simple colors and shapes make this chunky board book appealing to even very young children. The book is very durable and has specially cut pages that allow the child to explore holes punched through the pages. The text of the story is easy to follow and teaches that a caterpillar one day changes into a butterfly!

14 pages

The Story of Ferdinand, by Munro Leaf, illus. by Robert Lawson
Ferdinand the bull was kind and gentle. He enjoyed to sit in the field under his favorite cork tree and smell the flowers. But one day he was picked to go to the bullfights in Madrid! What will happen to poor Ferdinand?! Clean, detailed illustrations make this classic children's tale time well spent when reading it with your child.

70 pages

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