Mrs. Moon and the Dark Stairs, by Pearl Augusta Harwood, illus. by George Overlie
The Mrs. Moon stories take place in a big city. In this story, Tony and Maria are looking forward to going on a site-seeing trip with Mrs. Moon. After a bus ride they take the elevator up the tall skyscraper to see the city. While they are there, a thunderstorm knocks out power to the big building, and the friends must find their way back down many flights of dark stairs. See how Tony and Maria and Mrs. Moon use their problem-solving skills to find their way back down.

28 pages

Sherlock Chick and the Case of the Night Noises, by Robert Quackenbush, illus. by Robert Quackenbush
Loud noises are keeping all of the animals awake at night. Sherlock Chick decides to investigate. This is my favourite Sherlock Chick story. Read it with your child and see how the animals finally discover where the mysterious night noises come from!

36 pages

Cowardly Clyde, by Bill Peet, illus. by Bill Peet
I remember when I first saw this book--the illustrations were so incredible; How I hoped that the story would be good, too--it was! I don't enjoy all of Bill Peet's stories as well as this one, but I own several of them, and I enjoy the artwork in every one! Watch Clyde and his master, the brave Sir Galavant, as they take on the ogre that has been terrorizing the village. The story features fine drawings of farm animals, dogs, people, buildings, a forest, (and an ogre)!

38 pages

Buzzle Billy, by Michael P. Waite, illus. by Jill Colbert Trousdale
Buzzle Billy lived in the land of the Buzzles, where everyone played games and shared, until one day when Buzzle Billy turned greedy and caught a case of "gimme hands"! Oh no! What will the Buzzles do to cure Billy and put things back to normal? This is a cute little story about sharing with illustrations that will amuse you and your children. This is a good addition to your children's library. (from the Building Christian Character series)

30 pages

The Bears' Vacation, by Stan and Jan Berenstain, illus. by Stan and Jan Berenstain
The Bears take a vacation to the shore where there are many lessons to be learned. Before small bear can go swimming he must learn the lessons that papa bear has for him. They both end up learning some very important lessons about safety at the beach. This is an early Berenstain work that I enjoy very much.

63 pages

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