Danny and the Dinosaur, by Syd Hoff, illus. by Syd Hoff
This is the first Syd Hoff book I ever read. There are many illustrations of things other than the dinosaur that make this book one that you can look at again and again. It is a cute little story that would fit well in any child's reading library.

64 pages

The Tale of the Mandarin Ducks, by Katherine Paterson, illus. by Leo & Diane Dillon
This story is a Japanese legend of how two mandarin ducks repayed the kindnesses of two humble servants who had a heart to do right. A warlord's servant is accused of a crime he did not commit, but the servant humbly accepts punishment because, though he did not actually commit the crime, he secretly wished he did. This story is artfully illustrated in an oriental style that is very interesting to look at and discuss with your children.

32 pages

One Was Johnny, by Maurice Sendak, illus. by Maurice Sendak
This is a clever little rhyming and counting book. This book and Chicken Soup With Rice are cute, quick, little simple books; easy to read and fun to share with your child. A good addition to your library.

42 pages

Chicken Soup With Rice, by Maurice Sendak, illus. by Maurice Sendak
This book and One Was Johnny are both funny, little rhyming books by Maurice Sendak (also Where the Wild Things Are). This book goes through each month telling how that month is perfect for chicken soup with rice. If you have trouble getting your children to eat soup, try reading them this book.

24 pages

Jack Kent's Fables of Aesop, by Jack Kent, illus. by Jack Kent
The preface to this book says that Jack Kent borrows freely from Aesop's Fables, translated by V. S. Vernon-Jones (London: W. Heinemann, 1912); however, I enjoy the flavour of the words Jack Kent has chosen in his telling as well as the flavour of the V. S. Vernon-Jones version. The illustrations are all Jack Kent--very colorful and clever and fun to look at. The morals to each fable are worded in such a way that they stick well in young minds: "A crust in comfort is better than a feast with fear."

55 pages

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