The Great Big Car and Truck Book, by Richard Scarry, illus. by Richard Scarry
Originally written in 1951, this book has many pictures of cars and trucks and service personnel that you just don't see around much any more--grocers, gas station attendants, coal delivery men--that children might recognize from some other favourite stories. This book has great big pages and great big colorful illustrations rich in detail for you to share with your children.

22 pages

Little Golden Book Classics: Three Best-Loved Tales, by Various, illus. by Garth Williams
This book's three stories are My First Counting Book by Lilian Moore, The Kitten Who Thought He Was a Mouse by Miriam Norton, and Home For a Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown. All of the stories are enjoyable, and the illustrations by Garth Williams are wonderfully done. I enjoy Garth Williams' work. When I find stories illustrated by him, I give them a close look because I want to have books with good stories and good illustrations for my children.

70 pages

Princess Bee and the Royal Good-Night Story, by Sandy Asher, illus. by Cat Bowman Smith
When Princess Beatrice's mother has to go away for a few days, the poor princess can't seem to get a decent good-night story. Her brother and sister try to tell her some stories, but no one tells stories as well as Mum. Princess Bee finds that with a little imagination--and memories of her mother--she can still have wonderful bed time stories. This is a cute little story that all of my children enjoy.

30 pages

Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present, by Charlotte Zolotow, illus. by Maurice Sendak
This story is one that I borrowed from to make a game to play with my children. We drew pictures of the objects mentioned in the story and then turned all the pictures upside down--like the old "memory" game--and then took turns trying to collect objects into a basket to make a "present" for mother. Zolotow and Sendak are both accomplished in their respective arts. This story follows one little girl and "Mr. Rabbit" as they try to find a gift that is "just right" for mother; it is best read with one child, or when things are quieted down.

28 pages

The Awful Mess, by Anne Rockwell, illus. by Anne Rockwell
This is a cute little story about a boy named Olly whose room is "an awful mess." His parents think it is awful, his babysitter thinks it is awful, even his brother and sister think it is awful. But when a boy Olly's own age comes to play one rainy day, he thinks Olly's room is neat. This is a good story for that child who is very creative, but has a difficult time organizing his "creations."

28 pages

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