The Five Chinese Brothers, by Claire Huchet Bishop, illus. by Kurt Wiese
Many people I know remember this story from their childhood. The five Chinese brothers and their extraordinary talents have delighted children for many years since their publication in 1938. This story has a plot-line with many unexpected twists that makes it a memorable experience for any child!

44 pages

How Droofus the Dragon Lost His Head, by Bill Peet, illus. by Bill Peet
Many of Bill Peet's stories are wonderful, fanciful tales that involve characters that children can easily recognize and be intrigued with. Droofus the Dragon is a poor little lost dragon who grows up without knowing how dragons are supposed to act. A young boy befriends him and teaches him how to be a good and useful dragon. This is a cute, cleverly-told story. Great artwork!

46 pages

Chester, by Syd Hoff, illus. by Syd Hoff
Syd Hoff's artwork has a lasting quality in its simplicity that makes it work well with the stories he writes. Chester is a wild horse who thinks he would enjoy a life where someone takes care of him, but no one seems to want him. He travels far and wide looking for a home, and finally finds one. Lots of interesting locations visited by Chester give children many familiar places to look at!

64 pages

Curious George, by H. A. Rey, illus. by H. A. Rey
Curious George is probably H. A. Rey's most celebrated work. This wonderful tale of a curious little monkey has impressed American children for many, many years. I think almost everyone would agree that this book should be in every child's book collection.

56 pages

The Grown-Up Day, by Jack Kent, illus. by Jack Kent
This is an excellent rhyming story about two children who pretend to be grown-ups for a day. From the author of The Blah and Socks For Supper, The Grown-Up Day is a good bed-time story or a good story to read right before playing dress-up.

28 pages

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