The Story About Ping, by Marjorie Flack, illus. by Kurt Wiese
This book is graced with the beautiful oriental renderings of Kurt Wiese (who also illustrated The Five Chinese Brothers). It is a story about a young duck named Ping who makes some wrong choices because he does not want to face the consequences of his actions. In the end he sees the error of his ways and never does the wrong thing again.

32 pages

The Story of Little Quack, by Betty Gibson, illus. by Kady MacDonald Denton
This is a wonderful little story about a lonely boy who finds a friend, loses her, and then finds her again. This book has beautiful illustrations by Kady MacDonald Denton, who also wrote the book The Picnic.

30 pages

Me and My Flying Machine, by Marianna, illus. by Mercer Mayer
I don't know how I missed this one when I was growing up. This book was published in 1971, the "golden era" for Parents' Magazine Press. This story reminds me of the book Boy Was I Mad, which was also illustrated by Mercer Mayer. This is a good book about a young boy who finds plenty of wood and nails in an old barn with which to build whatever he wishes to build. This is a good story for any young child that has big dreams and a good imagination.

36 pages

Phil the Ventriloquist, by Robert Kraus, illus. by Robert Kraus
We found this cute little story at a garage sale for 25 cents. It is the story of a little rabbit who has the most amazing ability to throw his voice anywhere he wants. At first, he has a little trouble knowing just where and when it is appropriate to exercise his talent, but in the end he learns that his talent is useful for more than entertainment.

28 pages

Donkey-donkey, by Roger Duvoisin, illus. by Roger Duvoisin
This story is about learning that the best thing for us to be is just what God made us. Donkey-donkey thinks his long ears make him look funny so he sets off to ask everyone's opinion about what he should do to change his appearance. Every change leads to ruin, and Donkey-donkey learns that being a long-eared donkey is the best thing he can be!

42 pages

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