Maggie and the Goodbye Gift, by Sue Milord, illus. by Jerry Milord
Maggie's father is transfered to a new city and now the family has to move. The new place is going to have STRANGERS, and Maggie's family seems sad about moving. A friend gives the family a goodbye gift that manages to turn the strangers into friends in one night! Find out what is so magical about the goodbye gift! My children really enjoy reading this story, and seeing what the goodbye gift can do.

32 pages

Pretty Good Magic, by Cathy East Dubowski, illus. by Mark Dubowski
Presto the magician is tired of being a pretty good magician, he wants to be a GREAT magician. While performing in the sleepy town of Forty Winks, Presto discovers a magic trick that really wakes up the townspeople! Read what happens when Presto's trick turns the town upside-down!

48 pages

The Tenth Good Thing About Barney, by Judith Viorst, illus. by Erik Blegvad
A young boy's mother asks him to thinks of ten good things he can remember about his pet cat that has died. The boy thinks and thinks, but he can only think of nine good things. This story traces a young boy's first experience with a death of something he loved. This story will open opportunities to talk with your children about death, dying and life after death.

25 pages

A Child's Garden of Verses, by Robert Louis Stevenson, illus. by Erik Blegvad
There are many editions of this classic work by Robert Louis Stevenson. This one is colorfully and warmly illustrated, as are many others. Find a copy of this book to read to your children--the rhymes are specially suited for children without being "childish".

28 pages

Tim and Jim, by Claire Schumacher, illus. by Claire Schumacher
This is a story about two cats: Tim lives in a nice, warm house with Miss Periwinkle, and Jim has no one to go home to. Poor Tim thinks it would be nice to have a friend, and poor Jim just wants a place to stay. Find out how these two cats find what they are looking for!

30 pages

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