The Story of Zachary Zween, by Mabel Watts, illus. by Marylin Hafner
"A to Z, that was the rule of this particular London school..." So starts the story of poor Zachary Zween who is always last in everything; but he learns that--sometimes--good things come last! Excellent rhythm and rhyme makes this book a good "read-out-loud" classic!

40 pages

Miss Twiggley's Tree, by Dorothea Warren Fox, illus. by Dorothea Warren Fox
"Funny Miss Twiggley/Lived in a tree/With a dog named Puss/And a color TV..." We never know when we will need another person's help--even a person who may seem a little different. This is a well-told story with clever humorous parts to captivate children's attention. Another book with excellent rhythm and rhyme.

40 pages

Ma Lien and the Magic Brush, by Hisako Kimishima/Alvin Tresselt, illus. by Kei Wakana
After waiting for many years to have a paintbrush of his own, a young Chinese boy receives a visit from a stranger who gives him a magical brush along with an admonition to "use it wisely." Follow Ma Lien as the evil Emperor attempts to force him to paint a "mountain of gold." This book has vivid colors and illustrations.

32 pages

Frederick Douglass Fights for Freedom, by Margaret Davidson, illus. by Eleanor Mill
After reading this book I realized how little I knew about this man Frederick Douglass. The story is well-written and it prompted me to want to find out more about this amazing story of inner strength and perseverence in the seemingly impossible struggle for freedom. For older readers, Frederick Douglass' autobiography is an excellent addition to this one. This book was published in 1968--the same year that Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy were assassinated.

80 pages

Miss Suzy, by Miriam Young, illus. by Arnold Lobel
A small grey squirrel loses her home to a gang of mean, rough red squirrels. She flees a coming thunderstorm and finds shelter in an empty dollhouse. There she meets a band of toy soldiers who help her take back her home. A delightful tale, well-told and well-illustrated.

40 pages

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