Cecily G. and the 9 Monkeys, by H. A. Rey, illus. by H. A. Rey
Cecily Giraffe loses her own family and finds a family of monkeys that needs a new home. They move in with Cecily and have a wonderful time playing together. This is actually the first book to include an appearance by Curious George!

32 pages

Socks for Supper, by Jack Kent, illus. by Jack Kent
An old farmer and his wife find a pleasant surprise when they trade a pair of socks for some milk and cheese. I enjoy many of Jack Kent's stories very much. I found this one in an antique shop, and I am so glad I did. This is a very enjoyable tale.

28 pages

Sherman the Sheep, by Kevin Kiser, illus. by Rowan Barnes-Murphy
Another clever telling of the age-old story with the moral "The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence." My children and I had fun making up a little tune for the song the sheep sing as they search for the "best field in the whole valley".

30 pages

When the Walrus Comes, by Chris Riddell, illus. by Chris Riddell
Wonderful, colorful illustrations and simple sentences carry you and your child off to an island where dozens of monkeys romp and play with a young boy and his walrus pal. A neat story about imagination.

22 pages

The Blah, by Jack Kent, illus. by Jack Kent
This is the story of a little boy named Billy whom no one seemed to notice. Finally, after being "jostled" by his older brother, Billy decided that he should be King of the Blahs and lead his army into battle against the terrible, awful jostler named Richard. In the end, Billy realizes that everyone feels like a Blah now and then. Another Jack Kent classic!

28 pages

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