The Secret Three, by Mildred Myrick, illus. by Arnold Lobel
Mark and Billy walk along the beach and find a note in a bottle! The note is in a mysterious code, but when Mark and Billy figure it out they send a note of their own back to the mysterious owner. So starts a summer of fun for three young boys--The Secret Three!

64 pages

Let's Be Enemies, by Janice May Udry, illus. by Maurice Sendak
John and James used to be friends, but James has started bossing people around. John is fed up with James' bossiness and decides that he is no longer James' friend--he is his enemy. Find out if James and John can ever be friends again. A cute little book with classic Maurice Sendak illustrations!

28 pages

Bread and Jam for Francis, by Russell Hoban, illus. by Lillian Hoban
Francis loves bread and jam. That is the only thing that she will eat. She won't eat spaghetti, she won't eat breaded veal cutlets; she only wants bread and jam. Read what her parents do, and see that eating lots of different things is good for you (and fun besides)! I like this book because, like Francis, I like all my food to "come out even."

31 pages

Hop On Pop, by Dr. Seuss, illus. by Dr. Seuss
Lots of short simple words in all sorts of interesting combinations. Fantastic illustrations by Dr. Seuss. This is another book that is very fun to read out loud with your children.

64 pages

The Best Nest, by P. D. Eastman, illus. by P. D. Eastman
"There is no nest like and old nest--for a brand-new bird." Mr. and Mrs. Bird search high and low for a new nest. Neat illustrations and a little song make this a cute little story to read with your children.

64 pages

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