There's No Such Thing as a Dragon, by Jack Kent, illus. by Jack Kent
Young Billy Bixbee awakes one morning to find a dragon in his bed; however, since his mother says there's no such thing as a dragon, it won't do any good to tell it to go away. Written and illustrated in Jack Kent's inimitable style, There's No Such Thing as a Dragon is sure to be a hit with your family as it is with mine.

24 pages

Imogene's Antlers, by David Small, illus. by David Small
Young Imogene wakes up one morning to find that she has grown a pair of antlers, much to the dismay of her poor mother! Read this fanciful tale, wonderfully illustrated, to find out if Imogene's family can find a way to get rid of those antlers.

26 pages

The King With Six Friends, by Jay Williams, illus. by Imero Gobbato
Who would marry a king with no kingdom? Find out how King Zar meets six friends who will help him in his quest to find a queen and a kingdom. Beautiful watercolor illustrations accent this engaging adventure story.

38 pages

The King's Wish, by Benjamin Elkin, illus. by Leonard Shortall
The King of Tam would like to go fishing, but he doesn't know if his three sons are ready to rule over the kingdom while he is gone. Read the story and find out his clever scheme and his sons' clever solution to the test. This book actually contains three stories about the King of Tam that are entertaining and easy for a child to grasp.

63 pages

Madeline and the Bad Hat, by Ludwig Bemelmans, illus. by Ludwig Bemelmans
The Spanish ambassador moves in next door, and his son Pepito begins causing all kinds of trouble for Madeline and her friends. The naughty boy races from one bad deed to another until he finally gets his just desserts. Cleverly told and illustrated in the same style as the other Madeline books, this is a good addition to any collection.

50 pages

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