Are You My Mother?, by P. D. Eastman, illus. by P. D. Eastman
A little bird hatches while his mother is out looking for worms, and he goes out to find her. He knows he has a mother, but what does she look like? Who could she be? Easy to read, and a fun book to share with your child.

64 pages

The Cat in the Hat, by Dr. Seuss, illus. by Dr. Seuss
Meet one of Dr. Seuss' most famous characters in this fanciful tale about the things that went on at someone's house one "cold, cold, wet day" while mother was away. This story features fun rhymes and rhythms typical of Dr. Seuss' work.

61 pages

Johnny Lion's Rubber Boots, by Edith Thatcher Hurd, illus. by Clement Hurd
On a rainy day, Johnny Lion must use his imagination to play indoors until he gets a pair of red rubber boots. This book is fun to read with a child and to watch the child's imagination follow Johnny Lion's. Johnny gets lost for a little while, but mother and father find him in the end.

63 pages

Clifford el Perro Bombero, by Norman Bridwell/Teresa Mlawer, illus. by Norman Bridwell
I am very interested when I find Spanish language children's books. My children enjoy to listen to familiar stories in another language, and I usually translate as I read them. This one and Clifford y la Tormenta are my favorite Spanish language Clifford books.

30 pages

The King, the Mice and the Cheese, by Nancy Gurney, illus. by Eric Gurney
A king has the tastiest cheese in all the land until mice come and eat it all! The king calls the wisest men in his kingdom to find a way to get rid of the mice. What will they do? Bring in cats, of course! But, how can the king get rid of the cats? Find out how the king finally settles his problem. My copy of this book is well-worn from much use. This is a fun story to read with your children.

63 pages

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