The Marvelous Blue Mouse, by Christopher Manson, illus. by Christopher Manson
This book is illustrated using a technique called illumination, the way scribes used to embellish manuscripts for many centuries. This is an ancient tale of how a greedy, proud, power-hungry mayor was taught a valuable lesson by Emperor Charlemagne and a wise counsellor. This book has a good story and very impressive illustrations. If your child is interested in calligraphy, this book is interesting to look at.

32 pages

Morris' Disappearing Bag, by Rosemary Wells, illus. by Rosemary Wells
These cute bunnies look like Max & Ruby. In this story, Morris' brother and sisters get neat things for Christmas that Morris would like to play with, but he is too little. So Morris invents a gift that everyone else wants to play with! This book has cute illustrations and a nice story.

36 pages

Who's Got the Apple, by Jan Lööf/Ole Risom, illus. by Jan Lööf/Linda Hayward
A man buys an apple from a fruit store on April Fools' Day, and chaos ensues. This is a fun story that brings you right back where you started--but what a ride! The illustrations and colors are interesting to look at, and go along very well with the story. This one is fun to read with your children.

30 pages

Albert the Albatross, by Syd Hoff, illus. by Syd Hoff
The illustration style is the main reason I buy Syd Hoff books. Many of the stories are fun to read as well. In this story poor Albert the Albatross becomes lost after a storm at sea. He asks all kinds of other birds to help him find the ocean, but no one seems to know the way. Read this story to find out how Albert finds his way back to the sea!

32 pages

Hooway for Wodney Wat, by Helen Lester, illus. by Lynn Munsinger
I like Lynn Munsinger's illustrations. When I saw this book on the shelf in my favourite used book store, I had to check it out. There I found the story of Rodney Rat, a poor little rat who couldn't even pwonounce his own name wight. In the end, Rodney becomes the class hero after a run-in with a capybara who likes to show off.

32 pages

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