Where to Buy Children's Books

Used Book Stores

I can remember when a buy-sell-trade sort of bookstore came to our little town in Ohio when I was growing up. I could not wait to go there to see if I could trade the books I had already read 2-for-1 for a book I had not read.

Today's used book stores are not often 2-for-1 anymore, but it is still possible to find very good deals. I have even noticed that I often find better deals on older books that actually teach valuable moral lessons and have great artwork--many modern popular titles do not fall into this category.

I find that used book stores come in all shapes and sizes. With used book stores, bigger is usually better. It is kind of like the economics of Wal-mart vs. a local general store: one local used bookstore owner told me that the key to success in used books is volume. For the consumer, this usually equates to lower prices.

Also, some used book stores are rare book stores. You can occasionally find a good deal at a rare book store; but more often you will have to pay collector's prices. Sometimes, if this is the only place you can find the book you are looking for, you just have to bite the bullet and buy it.

Home School Consignment Shops

This is another place that you can put your existing inventory of books to work for you. If you have duplicates of books, or you have acquired books that you realize you no longer need, consign them. Then, each time you visit the consignment shop, you might find that you have store credit waiting for you to buy more books.

Library Sales

Wow! I have gotten some incredible deals at library sales! Some library sales dispose of unsold books at the end of the sale, and, if you are fortunate, the library may let you have your pick. There are many good deals to be found at library sales. I have gotten duplicate copies of favorites that I would hate to see destroyed, and I have found many good science books about things other than dinosaurs. One sale offered to let people fill a paper grocery sack for $1.oo--I got fifty-three children's books for $1.oo!

Antique Shops/Flea Markets/Yard Sales

I never know what I am going to find pricewise at these types of sales, but they are often worth a look, and they often have a good selection if they carry any books at all.

On-line Used Booksellers

When used book stores first started showing up on the Internet, you could usually find really good deals on children's books. As booksellers have become more Internet-savvy, they have gotten a better feel for what customers are willing to pay for books.

Even though I don't feel like I find deals as good as I was able to find in the past, I do still occasionally shop on-line for titles that I can't find anywhere else.

Retail Booksellers

Don't shun retail booksellers altogether. This is where the whole process starts; and there are some books that are so good you just can't get them second hand. Sometimes you can find a treasure buried in a bargain bin somewhere, but don't forget to buy a new book occasionally--if you were a bookstore owner, you would want people to pay your asking price once in a while, wouldn't you?

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