Why Review Children's Books?

A love for reading is a wonderful gift to give your child

I have found the time I spend reading with my children the most rewarding time I spend with my life. Looking back at my childhood, I can remember the time my mother spent reading to my brother and me. Many of those stories from my childhood are stories I will pass down to my children.

Many parents today are realizing that parental example is important in encouraging children to be good readers. Of course there are always exceptions, but, if a parent (or both parents) are avid readers--especially if they will take time to read out loud to their children--their children can learn to read earlier, and begin to read on their own sooner.

Reading to your children shows them that you love them

Reading to your children is an easy way to instill them with the sense that you love them and want to spend time with them. In fact, spending time with your children is the easiest way to show them that you love them.

Reading to your children shows them that you think reading is important

Your children care about what you think about things. If they see that you will spend time reading with them, they not only feel the security that you love them, but they also gain the sense that reading is important as well.

Reading to your children opens opportunities to share life lessons

If you will carefully apply yourself to the material you share with your children, you will open many opportunities to teach your children important wisdom, values, skills, and knowledge. Many stories afford the opportunity to expand your child's horizons mentally, emotionally, and spiritually--even if that was not the author's original intent. Use your imagination. Be creative.

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