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Advanced HTML/Web Page Design

Create web sites using HTML, CSS, Javascript and other languages!

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is just the beginning of creating web pages. Once students have created some web pages, they need to put them together into a working interactive web site. We will cover several web programming issues, and introduce web services using the Water web services language.

Advanced HTML/Web Page Design includes:

Advanced Programming Using C

Putting bigger programs together using the C programming language!

Students will be able to put their C programming skills to the test writing programs that incorporate elements from the introductory and intermediate courses. Students will write an interactive text adventure game to demonstrate their skills with the C language.

Advanced Programming Using C includes:

Advanced Programming Using Java

This is a general introduction to many other features of the Java language.

Advanced Programming Using Java includes:

Network Programming Using Java

The Java language has an extensive library of network-related program elements that can be difficult to master. However, with a little guidance, a student can learn which elements are key to writing many network applications.

Network Programming Using Java includes:

Advanced Water Language Programming

The student will use Water language advanced features of the Water language to develop an understanding of web services and processing XML.

Advanced Water Language Programming includes:

Programming in 80x86 Assembly Language

The student will use 80x86 assembly language to put together various applications that demonstrate the use of instructions available in popular brands of CPU's that use the 80x86 architecture, e.g., Intel, AMD, etc.

Programming in 80x86 Assembly Language includes:

Digital Logic and Computer Architecture

The student will learn the basics of computer architecture (i.e., the inner workings of the CPU) with a focus on how the computer software drives the hardware to perform the various computing operations.

The student will also learn about how transistors can be combined to create the various fundamental building blocks of digital logic.

This course is a good complement for assembly language programming.

Digital Logic and Computer Architecture includes:

GUI Graphics Programming Using Java

The student will create Java applications that use Java Swing components to present useful graphical user interface (GUI) designs.

This course would be a great complement to other Java programming courses to help the student make more polished-looking applications.

GUI Graphics Programming Using Java includes:

Game Graphics Programming Using Java

The student will learn common techniques for developing game graphics in Java. Techniques used here would also apply in other programming languages.

Game Graphics Programming Using Java includes:

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