Computer Programming Classes

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Intermediate HTML/Web Page Design

Learn to create web pages using HTML!

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) allow web pages to share common setting to allow your site to have a more uniform appearance, and Javascript allows you to add some more dynamic elements to your pages.

Intermediate HTML/Web Page Design includes:

Introduction to Server-side Programming

Learn to install and configure Apache Web Server, PHP, and MySQL!

Students will learn to set up and configure Apache web server, PHP, and MySQL. Example programs will introduce the student to configuring these three very different pieces of software so that they can interoperate to produce powerful web applications.

Introduction to Server-side Programming includes:

Javascript Graphics and AJAX

Learn how to create graphics and dynamically access web data using Javascript!

Students will learn to get pixel-level control of graphics using Javascript and DOM to draw lines, circles, and rectangles. Techniques for animation will also be covered.

AJAX allows programmers to use Javascript to access web data. A stock price lookup program will be used to illustrate this powerful Javascript programming technique.

Javascript Graphics and AJAX includes:

Intermediate Programming Using C

More programming using the C programming language!

Being able to handle names of people, places, and things is an important part of writing computer programs. This kind of data are often stored in "strings" of alphabetic characters. Students will learn how process strings as well as learning about C's "pointers" and how to search and sort lists of information using C.

Intermediate Programming Using C includes:

Intermediate Programming Using Java

More programming using the Java programming language!

Object-oriented programming is a very popular programming technique. Students will learn to design and write object-oriented code using several of Java's built-in object classes.

Intermediate Programming Using Java includes:

Introduction to Assembly Language

Assembly language is different for each different type of CPU modern computers use, but there are some common principles that students can learn that will make learning the various assembly languages much easier.

This course is geared toward the student who likes to know how things really work inside computer programs.

Introduction to Assembly Language includes:

Introduction to Other Programming Languages

Once a student has learned a few basic concepts in a variety of programming languages his ability to learn new languages quickly increases.

This course introduces the student to several programming languages that exhibit characteristics not seen often in popular programming languages, but that are examples of other approaches to problem solving that can help to open a student's mind to the virtually limitless possibilities of programming languages.

Introduction to Other Programming Languages includes:

Introduction to Water Language

Students will be introduced to an exciting new web services language: Water.

Water language is a web services language that can help students to rapidly develop and test web-related applications. The language includes many features that overlap with modern web technologies, and therefore can serve as an introduction to those web technologies as well.

Introduction to Water Language includes:

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