Introduction to Var'aq Programming

This Site is intended to provide helps to Var'aq language programmers around the world through technical examples, informational articles, and personal assistance.

The following examples are meant to be a quick Getting Started sort of tutorial using the version in Perl.

Example 5. Depreciation Calculator
Now we will take a look at doing a calculation in Var'aq. I grant that this is a very UN-Klingon example, but if ngabwI' can compute quantities for home-made soap, I think depreciation is okay. :)

(* sldep -- straight-line depreciation calculator         *)
(* Requires: cost, salvage_value, and years to depreciate *)

(* cost salvage_value years --- depreciation *)

"sldep" (* push the name of the function onto the stack.   *)
"years" cher     (* store the top item of the stack into "years".   *)
boqHa'           (* subtract the salvage_value from the cost,       *)
                 (* the result is returned to the stack.            *)
years            (* push the "years" value onto the stack.          *)
boqHa''egh       (* divide (cost - salvage_value) by "years",       *)
                 (* the result is returned to the stack.            *)
pong    (* store the function into the name "sldep" above. *)

20000 0 5 sldep cha' (* run the function, and print the result: 4000 *)

The above code should compute straight-line depreciation and print the result.
Here is the code without the comments:

"sldep" { "years" cher boqHa' years boqHa''egh } pong

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