Introduction to Water Programming

This Site is intended to provide helps to Water language programmers around the world through technical examples, informational articles, and personal assistance.

The following examples are meant to be a quick Getting Started sort of tutorial using the Steam Free Version or the IDE. (If you are using the Free Version, be sure to set the output to "Rendered HTML".)

Example 1. Hello, World!
Example 2. Adding Two Numbers
Example 3. Variables
Example 4. Assigning Other Variable Types - Strings
Example 5. Assigning Other Variable Types - Arrays/Vectors/Lists
Example 6. A Quick Server Example
Example 7. A Server Example - With <start /> method
Example 8. Functions/methods
Example 9. If-Then-Elseif-Else
Example 10. Calling Java Code Within Water

Other examples will be added as I have opportunity.

Water Database Access Examples
Water Docs and Tests Examples

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